Texas Stealth K9 Kennel Club

3710 Colgate St
Houston, TX 77087
United States

Monday to Friday 8AM–5PM, Saturday Sunday Close

Texas Stealth K9 is made up of several individuals, trainers, handlers, and co-owners. We would love the opportunity to help train your dog. We work together to improve every interaction your dog will have. The primary objective of Texas Stealth K9 is to advocate in every possible way, the prevailing improvement of dogs.
All dogs benefit from positive training and handling. Texas Stealth K9 works with you to encourage your dog and help correct problem behaviors. Strong leader characteristics in dog owners build enriched bonds with their companions and are important for development and well-being.
Our services include: quick responses to being called, waiting at doors and respecting boundaries, going into crates on command, modifying behavioral issues, sitting when asked, staying in position, heeling at your side during walks, lying down when told, protection, obedience, and bite work.
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